Men’s & Women’s Club Championships

         We are happy to announce our 
2017- 2018 CTC Club Championship winners

Men's Singles:             Owen Landon

Men's Doubles:            Dave Dwyer & Tom McConnell

Women's Doubles:       Nancy Froio & Whitney Berns


It’s that time of year again to register for the 

Cohasset Tennis Club  Championship

We will have single elimination draws for the following events: 

Women’s & Men’s Singles 
Women’s & Men’s Doubles 

This season, we will be more diligent with deadlines for certain rounds of each draw in an effort to be fair to everyone involved and help move draws along. 

We typically have open court time on the following days so you can anticipate when you’d be able to schedule your matches. 

Wednesday:  Evening time
Friday:  Late morning thru the afternoon
Saturday:  Late morning thru the afternoon 
Sunday:  Late morning thru the afternoon 

Please sign up at the desk or email the club by November 30 to reserve your spot. All entrants must be CTC members. Hope to see you in at least one of the draws.

          Good luck !!

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